About us

Nature inspires us!

Витошко лале (снимка: Лиляна Василева)

In our hectic and grey everyday life, we need more and more beauty and inspiration. So that was our main reason to start doing creativity. And not only creativity but concerning plants.

Ръчно изработените бижута „Българа“ правим предимно от естествени цветя, вплетени в смола, а моделите са вдъхновени от природата. Една част от растенията събираме от нашата градина, а друга част от разходки из природата. Е, понякога се появяват модели, направени с други техники. Но как може да се спре творческия порив и желанието да се опита нещо ново и различно?!

Beautiful, natural, and handmade!

Why "Balgara"? Balgara is an old Bulgarian female name. And just as a woman works daily and transforms the world around her, we create, trying to recreate the magic of everything around us.

Each of the jewels is handmade, the fruit of a lot of work and the result of many different procedures. In most cases, jewellery is a single item.

By buying "Balgara" handmade jewellery, you purchase a unique item with a history inspired by the natural and beautiful things around us.

Бродирано колие в смола (снимка: Лиляна Василева)

Positive emotions, joy and mood!

"Balgara" jewellery is charged with many positive emotions, moods and optimism.

We hope to ignite you with our enthusiasm and excitement for new things. We will be happy if we can convey our inspiration from everything around us.

What plants do we use?

The plants used to make the "Balgara" jewellery are: Spearmint, Forget-me-not, Ornithogalum sp. Cichorium intybus, Clematis vitalba, Roses, Hedera helix, Gypsophila, Poppy, mosses, lichens, Violets, Ferns, Agrimonia eupatoria, Birch bark, Dandelion etc. The collection of used plants and their parts is constantly supplemented and updated. Follow the models in the online store for the latest and most up-to-date information.