Saffron and Saffron pieces of jewellery

From here, you can buy organic saffron and unique saffron jewellery. The high-quality saffron is produced by Gergana and her father, Gosho, who have been involved in this business for several years. They grow their saffron organically in their yard in the village of Partizanin, where Gergana herself grew up as a child. The brand "Grandfather Gosho's Farmyard" is named after this place.
She still keeps the memory of her grandfather, who cultivated this same yard every day with great diligence and love. And the land always repaid him for his care. That's why she and her father decided to continue the tradition and only leave the yard empty with a caring owner.

In the countryside, one feels firmly connected to nature. It is closer to the comforting earth, the gentle river, the clear night sky and the cosy fire in the hearth. In this rural idyll, in their yard, they plant a not-so-Bulgarian flower, which has miraculous qualities both as a spice and a herb.

As a compliment to the beauty of Bulgarian women, the synergy between the fragrant saffron from "Grandfather Gosho's Farmyard" and the magical hands of "Handmade Bulgarian Jewelry" arose. Boutique saffron jewellery is unique with woven saffron stigmas or flowers in epoxy resin - inspired by nature and charged with energy.

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You support Bulgarian producers and artists by buying saffron or saffron jewellery from us!

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Showing all 4 results