Bulgarian Saffron 0.5 g

17.00 лв.

High-quality Bulgarian saffron is our offer. It turns out that saffron recognizes the fertile Bulgarian land exceptionally well. It is tirelessly and lovingly cared for here by dozens of hardworking saffron growers. This crocus is lovely, but to give its precious gift requires many hours of manual labour. Therefore, its processing is exact and only by hand. Each fragrant flower is picked by hand, and the three sweet stigmas are carefully separated. For this reason, its price is not exaggerated, nor is the name "Red Gold".

Bulgarian producers pose a severe challenge to the world spice market, as Bulgarian saffron is proven to be of first-class quality. And in the Association of Saffron Producers in Bulgaria, where "Grandfather Gosho's Farm" is a member, supports precisely the good agricultural practices for the production of biologically pure and high-quality Bulgarian saffron.
The 0.5 g package for BGN 17 is for those who know saffron's rich, exotic taste and aroma that develops over time; for those who know how delicious a spice and useful herb it is.

Its aroma is intoxicating, seductive, oriental-spice, with gentle tobacco notes. Its taste is sweet and reminiscent of honey but with a light, unobtrusive camphor flavour.

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